The Vasconi Architectes Agency

VASCONI ARCHITECTES was created in 2010 by Thomas Schinko, as the continuation of renowned practice of his former Partner, the French Architect Claude Vasconi, who passed away in 2009.

The architectural practice started in Paris in 1973 and expanded in the 90’s with international offices in Berlin and Luxembourg.

A new office exists in Hong Kong since 2010 , where VASCONI ARCHITECTES won an international competition for the construction of one of the biggest Sludge Treatment Facilities in the world, next to Tuen Mun.

Based on the believes of its charismatic founder Claude Vasconi, the architectural office continues to work on all kind of projects beginning form territorial to urban scale master plan design to infrastructural projects, industrial buildings, waste-treatment facilities, healthcare facilities, officebuildings, cutting edge retail- and hospitality design and interior design.

The architectural practice seeks to create on the basis of an evidence based design approach buildings that meet the users need for an efficient layout, implementing all aspects of innovative sustainable, eco-friendly and energy efficient design.

The office achieved with its process driven design approach a great expertise in industrial building design and received several international awards (Green Building Merit Award, FIABCI Prix d’Excellence Award, Grand Prix d’Architecture Midi-Pyrenees)

Driven by the idea of the traditional city as the foundation of our culture, based on solidarity and social cohesion, the VASCONI ARCHITECTES has a great experience in large scale urban and territorial master plan design.

VASCONI ARCHITECTES developed over the years solid relationship with some of the most renowned international engineering companies and is actively collaborating in think tanks to develop a more sustainable, eco-friendly, energy efficient and salutogenetic design approach.

The vasconi architecte Team




Wissam sobh

Wissam Sobh

Chief designer






VP of Branding

Sinmar Said

Sinmar Al SAID

GCC representative


Philippe ETIENNE

Assistant de Direction


Georgina CAMPOS

Architecte, Chef de Projet



Architecte, Chef de Projet


Howook KANG



Adriana CURUIA





marie-astrid davenel NB

Marie-Astrid DAVENEL



Augustin Cheung


Volker Grage- site

Volker GRAGE

Site Manager

Tural N

Tural Novruzov

Manager at Vasconi Architectes Baku

Anar Memmedov (Lead Architect)

Anar Memmedov

Lead architect at Vasconi Architectes Baku

ilknur abdurahmanli (Project Coordinator)

ilknur abdurahmanli

Project Coordinator at Vasconi Architectes Baku


Vusalal N

Vusala Nuriyeva

Marketing Manager at Vasconi Architectes Baku

leyla guliyeva (Designer)

leyla guliyeva

Designer at Vasconi Architectes Baku


Nikolay Ilchuk

Nikolay Ilchuk

Senior Architect at Vasconi Architectes Kiev

Vladimir Egorov

Vladimir Egorov

Chief Architect at Vasconi Architectes Kiev

Natalia Stepanenko

Natalia Stepanenko

Chief Architect at Vasconi Architectes Kiev

Svetlana Egorova

Svetlana Egorova

Architect at Vasconi Architectes Kiev

Olga Krasnopolska

Olga Krasnopolska

Architect at Vasconi Architectes Kiev

Sergey Tselovalnik

Sergey Tselovalnik

Architect Consultant at Vasconi Architectes Kiev

Nana (Natalia) Kravchenko copie

Natalia Kravchenko

Junior architect at Vasconi Architectes Kiev


Vous pouvez nous soumettre votre candidature par courrier en nous faisant parvenir un dossier format A4 (maximum 10 feuillets) comprenant :

- un justificatif de diplôme
- une lettre de motivation
- un curriculum vitae
- une présentation graphique de vos travaux
- une autorisation de travailler en France pour les étrangers

Pour tout renseignement complémentaire, veuillez vous adresser à:

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