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Vasconi Architectes as international architecture and city planning firm has always prioritized respect to the preservation and protection of cultural and architectural heritage globally. It has been a great privilege for our firm to be involved in the development of master plan of Ganja city, the second largest city in Azerbaijan, since December 2019. Our team had a great chance of witnessing the beauty of the city, its rich culture of people and strong identity of local architectural heritage dating back to the 9th century Ages during our visits to Ganja city in Azerbaijan. The city is the pearl of South Caucasus with its rich history, culture and architecture.

    The recent missile attacks to Ganja city by Armenian forces on October 4, 2020 and many repeated attacks since then has raised our concern as many civilians became target and cultural heritage of Ganja got under threat. We strongly condemn any military attack to Ganja city and its territory. We hope that Armenia will refrain targeting the civilians and the city of Ganja and its rich cultural heritage during the war. We wish the peace to prevail soon again in the region – a region that will prosper and greatly develop in the near future and Ganja to fully shine as capital city of the ganja Kazakh region !

Paris, France

Vasconi Architectes

October, 2020

Gilles Sabarros      Ayten Mirzoyeva     Thomas Schinko

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