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Publication of "HOSPITAL 21 : Breathing new life in the 21st century hospital"

Conference proceedings given at the congrès of  UIA-PHG which took place in Paris in 2018.

The UIA-PHG congress "Breathing new life in the 21st century hospital" dealt with issues concerning the hospital of the future, digital hospitals, emerging trends in hospital design, focusing also on ageing populations and new architectural design concept for this kind of users.
These issues have generated reflection about new concept of Hospital buildings that should take into account continuous technology systems development (from robotics to big-data, modelling & simulation, etc.), which are necessary to best meet the healthcare needs of people and the community, ensuring technological integration, digitisation of functions and flexibility of the environment.

The book "HOSPITAL 21: Breathing new life in the 21st century hospital" - Editors: Roberto Bologna, Thomas Schinko - is available on the websites:





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